December 2004 Meeting - Michael Barley

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Michael Barley was here last year and gave such wonderful classes that we asked him to come back to teach again so that more members could learn from him.  He brought to Atlanta  lots more of his beads and though it was hard to believe they were even more beautiful than the ones he brought last year.  We have put up a few pictures of his demo but and lots of his beads so that we can enjoy them over and over again.  

Before Michael started his demo, he gave members some information about Satake glass which he used for his demo.  Michael has been working alot with this glass in 2004.  It is produced in Japan and is even softer than Moretti.  A handout that Michael gave us specifies that it should be worked with a softer, bushier flames to prevent boiling.  Annealing temperature is 890 degrees.  Good ventilation is important because some Satake glass has a high lead content. Check for more information.

Michael showing examples of the Satake glass beads that he is going to demo.  If you scroll down you can see them.  Gerry White is doing the photography.

Michael making fun of the Web Mama who is only trying to  do her job ad  take a few photos for our scrapbook.  That's Marcy Lamberson and Don Meadows giggling in the background..  The reality is that Michael is such an amazing beadmaker, he doesn't even have to look while he works.

Here Michael shows us an interesting tool that he says that many of the Japanese Beadmakers use.  It is a cement smoother!  The Japanese make them without using rivets to attach the handle so that the whole surface is smooth.  He likes using it as a marver because he can bring it right up to his eyes as he shapes the bead.

Many of us follow Michael Barley's auctions on ebay (BarleyBeads) and know that photographs just never do his beads justice.  There are elements of size, texture,  and  depth  that two dimensional photos don't capture.  But we have done our best. 

These beads are large and beautifully smooth.  Don Meadows owns the one on the bottom. Lucky Don!


A new style for Michael - with unusual, gorgeous colors and relief patterns.  The web mama's absolute favorites.   

The beads above are made with Satake glass and these are the kind that Michael showed us how to make during his demo.  He uses striped cane for some of the pattern and gold leaf.



Michael calls the beads on the left Haiku Beads and they are made with palladium foil.  The Web Mama purchased one last year and treasures it.  The bead on the right is we think one of Michaels "Loon" series.



 Michael's dotted beads on the left but the photo is terrible.  When Michael a bead similar to the one on the right last year it was done with ivory glass and he called the series Georgia Peach. We're not sure if this is a new series or what it is called.

The two beads at the upper left of the photo are Window Beads - you can look into the clear areas to see interesting patterns inside the bead.  There are also about 5 of Michaels Chrysalis beads in several colors.