December 2004 Meeting - Christmas Tree Potluck

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Our Christmas tree lottery was so popular last year that we did it again in 2004..  There are two photos of the tree below but they were taken early before all the beads were added to it and it is difficult to see how truly beautiful the beads contributed to it were.  There had to be at least 100 beads and after Christmas maybe the winner (see below) will let us photograph the beads individually so that you all can get a better look. 


A Lottery ticket was given for each bead contributed to the tree.  In addition members and friends could buy tickets for $1.00 each and several members bought LOTS of tickets so we raised $151.00.  The money raised will be used for support Southern Flames activities such as the Gathering Scholarship and improved ventilation for the rental torch area.

In the above photo Sylvie Lansdowne has picked the winning ticket and Carl Andrews is reading the number on it.


Margo Knight examines her tickets and those she purchased for some Southern Flames members that could not attend.  To her great delight, her name was on the ticket with the winning number. Margo has contributed so much to Southern Flames in her role as co-president (lwith Sylvie Lansdown) that we were thrilled that she was the winner. 


In addition to bringing Christmas Tree beads to the meeting, Members were asked to bring a dish for a Pot Luck dinner.  In this photo the food waits until the Michael Barley's demo is over..

The buffet includes Ham, Chicken Nuggets, another  glorious Chocolate cake made by Carl Andrews, creme puffs, dates, a pecan pie and a beautiful rolled cake with whipped cream and fruit.

There were trays of vegetables, fresh fruit, and shrimp.  The filled pastries in the front look scrumptious but the web mama did not get to sample one.  In the crock pot was a beautiful  vegetarian chili - see close-up below.  There was a taco dip, beans, coleslaw with walnuts, cranberry salad  and much, much more.

This is a close-up of the colorful and delicious vegetarian chili.  It was made by Adele Shepherd - you can see her photo in the December Meeting Member photos.  She promised us the recipe and when we get it we will post it.  Click here for the recipe for the cranberry mold which was made by Carl Andrew's son and was a great hit.  It was finished before we could photograph it.

Everyone is enjoying the food.  Thank you to all the members who contributed 'pots' and particularly to Carl Andrews who worked so hard to set it all up and clean it all up.  Carl is our Meetings Coordinator and it is a huge job that he does so well.  We also thank Justin, Carl's son who comes to meetings to help him.


People were so busy bringing food and beads for the Christmas tree, that there were only  two or three entries for the Bead Challenge.The theme was "The Northwest" in honor of Michael Barley who lives in Washington State. 


 The beads on the left are Western Meadowlarks and were made by Linda Edmunds (Lily Steele Beads).  The Western Meadowlark is the state bird of Oregon.  The bead on the right was made by Marcy Lamberson with turquoise and white borosilicate glass to  in tribute to the Pacific Ocean waves. 

With only 2 or 3 entries into the Bead Challenge, Linda Edmunds was the HAPPY winner of a $25.00 gift certificate to Beads by Design which was spent within 15 minutes of its winning.  Nothing is more fun for a lamp worker or beader than a gift certificate to Beads by Design.