October 2004 Meeting - Lauri Copeland Demo

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Beautiful, Beautiful Boro Beads made by Lauri Copeland. 

Lauri starting her demo.  She is being video'd by Dr. Robert Simmons so that the audience can see a  closeup of the demo on the monitor on the right.


Lauri works with a GTT Phantom Torch.  This is a lynx torch with an additional ring around the lynx for  extra heat when needed.  Lauri told us that she usually does not need the additional power provided by the outer ring.  During the classes Lauri taught, students found that Minor torches were also fine for working boro as long as the Oxygen was turned high.   Note the hand rest (available from Arrow Springs) that is attached to the torch - it has a black foam cover.


Here Lauri is an Ammonite Bead and a Shell Pendant to the audience so they can see them up close before she demos them.   


The green and blue beads on the right are examples of the off Mandrel Ammonite bead that Lauri showed us how to make.  The pink bead on the left is a faceted Boro bead.  Lauri's  beads were featured recently in Lapidary Journals Bead Annual, October 2004.  If you want to see really good photos of her work, go to her website Wildfire Designs.


Three of Lauri's new Shell bead series made with boro glass.  

Sample Beads to demonstrate a variety of Boro colors when struck.  Unlike many other boro workers, Lauri strikes her boro glass by cooling and then reheating before the bead is put in the kiln. 


We didn't get a good closeup photo of Laurie during the demo so we are including this one that was taken during Lauri's Mon/Tuesday class - it was a GREAT class.  Standing behind Lauri, is Don Meadows.  Also in the photo are Elizabeth Girod and Marcy Lamberson.