October 2004 Meeting 

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Sometimes our members bring children to our meetings and they are very welcome as long as they follow the safety rules we've established to keep them safe.  What is really fun is to watch these future beadmakers grow up.  The picture on left is Sachiko  and her baby boy in November 2003.  On the right is  Mom and son one year later!
Sachiko & Son 2003  

Sachiko & Son 2004

Another guest at the meeting is Marcy's husband Keith Lamberson sitting next to her.

Bob Rubanowice


Helene McDonald

  STEPHANIE WHITE won the October Bead Challenge.  The theme was Boo and this is Stephanie's Bat.  Bats aren't typically adorable but this one is.


1. Witches by Linda Edmunds (Lily Steele Beads)

2. Scary Floating Ghosts .... whoooo made them?  11/1 We just found out these they were made by Margo Cook.


3. Marcy Lamberson made this cute duck in a Devil costume.  

4 & 5. Bob Simmons made the eerie landscape bead on the left and the black bead with the crescent moon an and the jack-o-lantern  murrine on the right was made by Margo Cook.  Apologies because the photos don't show the beads properly.  


We are hoping that whoever brought these beautiful blown glass ornaments will be donating some or all of them to our Silent Auction in November so we can bid on them for our Christmas trees. Update 11/1 The ornaments were made by Brian Renaud and he is going to donate some for our Silent Auction.  YEAHHH