September 2004 Meeting - Bead and Chocolate Challenge

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In honor of 9/11, the theme for the Bead Challenge this month was red, white and blue.  Close-ups of the beads are shown below and there are several lovely ones whose maker we cannot identify..  If you made one of these beads or can identify the artist who did, please send us an email.


1. Who made this lovely set that includes an American Flag.


2. KIM RUNGE made this beautiful focal bead with matching earrings. It sparkled and reflected light all the way across the room.

3. Can you identify the artist?

4.The bead that won the challenge this month was made by JOAN HOUGHTON-THEALL.

5. STEPHANIE WHITE is the artist who made this unusual and technically wonderful bead.  We think it was made with a  flag decal and wonder if it commemorates the flag planted during the first moon walk.

6. This  colorful fused piece was made by JO  HOFFACKER

7. Two different artists made these beads.  Who are they?

8. LINDA EDMUNDS (Lily Steele Beads) made the two bracelets and the flying Angel Dangle.

Carl Andrews and his son Justin sit behind the  amazing 6 layer chocolate cake that they created for our meeting.   It was hard decide if it looked better than it tasted or tasted better than it looked and the wonderful scent of it kept us all drooling during Stevi Belle's demo and the Bead Challenge Drawing.  

The cake cut open.  Note the shaved chocolate covering the top and at  the bottom. There was something delectable in the filling and the texture was amazing.  It was sooooo delicious.


Everyone eating cake !!!