April 2004 Meeting

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The activity for the April Meeting was Team Beading - a cross between round robin team beading and musical chairs.  There were six torches and six teams and each time the music stopped the bead was handed off to the next person on that team. Needless to say the resulting beads were "unique".  
So much talent ... so much concentration ... here are the beads .... maybe there is something to the old adage "too many cooks can spoil the broth!!!."
Lots of bead sharing and some trading went on at the meeting while members were waiting for their turn at the torch.  

These are Marcia Manuel's beads - beautiful flowers with hints of dichroic glass in the backgrounds. Hopefully she'll bring them again so that you can see them close up.

 Robert Simmons contributed these beautifully shaped beads with the wave designs.

   Nita Van Til's new postcard and some of her sleek kitties.

These beads were made by Marcy Lamberson - we should have taken more closeups.  Check out the green one at the lower left and then check out the necklaces that Marcy makes we these.  They are cool.

Tara Roberts made these unusual tabs - but there was not enough light to photograph them properly.