August 2004 Meeting

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The August Meeting started with our Co-Presidents Sylvie Lansdowne (left) and Margo Knight making announcements - check the August Meeting Notes to read them.  Look carefully and you can see that Sylvie is wearing her new Halo Neckpiece - her kit to make one will be available mid October.  For a close-up view of it click here.

Marcy Lamberson our newly-elected Southeast Regional Director brought the group up to date on happenings in the Southeast region and talks about her first Regional Board meeting which was held during the Gathering in Portland.

Lauri Copeland will be teaching a class on Borosilicate glass in October.  Kristy Nijenkamp and Carl Andrews are writing down names as Kim Runge pulls them from a bag containing applications for places in the two classes.  (The web mama is HAPPY because she got into the class.) Kristy also spent some time talking to the group about a very important issue -safety for the children who attend our meetings.  

"The highlight of the meeting was a wonderful slide show presentation by Andree Kozak (left) and Stephanie White (right) about their trip to Provence where they took classes from Kristina Logan and pate de verre artist Marie-Odile Savigny".  The beads and pate de verre objects are shown below in Walter Green's photos. 

Since the Web Mama was not at the meeting to learn about Pate de Verre, she looked up James Kerwin's description in his wonderful book "More than You Ever Wanted to Know about Glass Beadmaking.  Kerwin writes " Pate de Verre, which is French for paste of glass, is a kilnworking technique where a paste of powdered glass is packed into a refractory mold and fired  until the glass is fused ...By varying the firing temperature, you can manipulate the degree to which the individual grains fuse together from a full density bead to a sugary texture ... After annealing the Beads are removed from the mold."


Some Pate de Verre objects and some beads made by or under the guidance of Kristina Logan.


The August BEAD CHALLENGE  "What I learned this Summer" and we ask the artists whose pieces are shown in the two photos below to email the Web Mama  so we can identify them and put some information about the techniques used to create them -   e.g. who is blowing glass?  Certainly the fish and the drinking glass were not made on mandrels!

Robert Simmons made the beads in the two necklaces shown on the right side of this tray and Camille Simmons did the beaded work - what an amazing team they are and what elegant pieces they produce.  Who made the other beads?


Once again, Marcia Manual won the Bead Challenge - she has great karma!  Here she is holding the prize which looks like a set of Gathering Postcards.  Marcia - please if you  see this, send us a note and tell us which bead is yours in the photos above.