August 2004 Meet Our Members

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We posting photos of our Members so we can get to know each other better.   If your photo is here and you would like to post some additional information about yourself or your beads or your business or website or email address, send it to the Web Mama and we will put it under or link it to your photo.  Alternately, if you see your photo here and would prefer it not to be here or to have your first name only listed, let us know.


Selected as Mr. August is Don Meadows, architect and builder of what we all lovingly call our Mother Ship - the huge ventilation system that sits over the back room and both lights and ventilates our classes.  Don does alot of work with Borosilicate beads and the photo below his picture shows some of his beads that the Web Mama is lucky enough to own.  We will try to interview Don and put up some more information about him.

Don Meadows 

Betty Green 

Walter Green is her husband and Southern Flames photographer this month.


 Renee Mendola and Jo Hoffacker

announced that they are starting a new beadmakers group in South Carolina.  If you would like further information about the group, contact Jo at

Angie Mulder

Welcome to one of our newest members.


Andree Kozac

Andree is a Southern Flames member who travels from Athens to join us.  She also traveled to Provence to study bead making with Kristina Logan and Pate de Verre with Marie-Odile Savigny.