February 2004 Meeting: Valentine's Bead Exchange

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In this exchange members were asked to make a bead - any kind - and wrap it up.  Each member who brought a bead picked a number.  When their number was announced they had a choice of selecting a mystery bead from a wrapped pile or stealing a bead that another member had chosen.  People tend to get very attached to the beads they have selected so there was lots of laughter as beads went from one member to another  For more information about how an exchange works, click here.
Sylvie Lansdowne, our co-president and Rick Hidding, recording secretary make announcements, explain the rules and get ready to pass out numbers. 
Southern Flames members patiently wait to begin the exchange.
The  pile of wrapped beads. 
Marjorie Gore taking photos of beads as they are unwrapped.
Marjorie Gore with a beautiful bracelet and earrings made by Lewanda Hardy which she just plucked from another member.  Rick Hidding is behind her. 
 Marcia Manuel tearfully giving up a fish that she was totally attached to.
Nita VanTil, one of the last to pick is checking out everyone's beads.  The picture is blurry because she is moving quickly as everybody tries to tuck their favorite bead out of site.
Sylvie stealing a black cat made by Nita from ??
Don Meadows with a big grin because he has just stolen a dichroic heart made by Marcia Manuel from the photographer/Web Mama, Linda Edmunds who was besotted with it.  BAH HUMBUG.
Click here to see close-ups of some of the exchange beads.