February 2004 Sweetheart Challenge Beads

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The February challenge was Sweetheart Beads. Below is a selection of beads submitted for the challenge drawing. The prize, won by Carl Andrews,  was a Southern Flames cloth bag filled with Moretti Glass.  The cloth bags were made and donated  by Rick Hidding's company and have a copy of our 2003 postcard silks-screened on them. - you can purchase  one for $10.00.  )To see a picture of the bag, click here.
Marcy Lamberson made the hearts on the left and Margo Knight made the purple heart on the right.
If you know who made any of the challenge beads displayed below, please let the WebMama know.
Marcia Manuel made the four flower beads on the box but we dont know who made the red hearts on the right.  Please tell us.

 Bonnie Anderson

These butterflies and the purple heart were made by Linda Edmunds (Lily Steele Beads) and will be sent to the Hearts of Courage program.  Click here for more info about this effort being made to assist children with cancer and their parents.
Robert Simmons brought these lovely "dichroic" and organic beads to share with us. He writes that the "dichroic-looking beads are actually done with silver foil and colors, overlaid with clear"  Robert calls it  "poor-man's dichroic!.