Larry Scott Class

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Larry Scott taught us so many techniques and Marjorie Gore took amazing photos - we can only post a sample here.  The first three photos show Larry making striped cane - cobalt blue on ivory.   In the first picture he builds an ivory cylinder on a boro punty.  Next he uses cobalt stringer to place dots which will serve as the guides to for drawing the stripes.  He draws the stripe and stands up to pull the cane.
In the next two photos, we see one of Larry's dot beads in progress and then the finished bead. Watching him work is amazing - he makes achieving perfection look easy.
 Larry shows the class how to do thin casing:  He makes a tube bead.  Then he heats up the casing glass. Next he pulls it down the tube quickly to make the first stripe and starts the sequence again.
In this last set of photos, Larry is making his Window bead.  We see him drawing stringer down the bead and then pulling off extra glass at the corners of the lattice.  The last photo is picture of a window bead.