Jan 2004 Meeting -  Member Beads

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We ask members to bring beads to each meeting because we all love to see them.  Lots of members brought beads but we need some help in identifying who the beadmaker is.  If the beads shown are your or you know who made them, let the Web Mama know and we will update this page.
1. Sara Hoyt made the small heart, the lower dot bead and the two dot beads on the right. June Manis made the two larger hearts and the dot bead with greenish bumps.  This is such a lovely group.

2. The two bead ssts were made by Angel Pruitt.  You can see her work on Ebay by searching  in the glass bead category for items with "PW" in title.

3. 3rd and 4th beads from right side are by Kristy Nijenkamp.  The first is made of ink blue and green glass separated by silver stringer. Silvered stringer is also used in the green diamond shaped bead. Sara Hoyt made the long blue bead and the green lentil.  The encased pink swirl lentil above Sara's was made by June Manis and incorporates purple, white, ivory, rubino, and tongue pink glass with goldstone

4. These cute animal beads were made by Suzi Hammond-McKee - soon to be a new member of Southern Flames.  Welcome Suzi!
5. This lovely matched set was made by Robert Simmons.

6. Sara Hoyt made all of the beautiful beads in this group except for the two tube beads in the center which are also beautiful..  Pease, if you know who made those let us know.

7. If you know who made the beads shown below please let the WebMama know.