July 2004 Bead Challenge: Vacation / Travel

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When you bring a bead for the challenge and display it, you are eligible to put your name in a drawing for a Challenge Prize.  Sometimes it is a gift certificate, or a magazine subscription.  This month if was one of the new 2004 Bead Totes contributed by Rick Hidding.

Marcia Manual won the drawing this month.  Her vacation themed bead has a delicate looking crab on it.  If you see your bead here, please let the Web Mama know which it is so we can put your name under it. (Conversely, if we have put your name under a bead and you'd prefer not to be identified, let us know that too.)


Sara Hoyt's summer fantasy figure 

- this photo does not do it justice. Look at the first photo (above) to see it from the top. It is small but a better shot of its nose and tail 

 June Manis made this standout beautiful blue and white bead.

 A wonderful colorful bracelet filled with some summer creatures - if the photo was less blurry you could see a duck and a frog.  Who made it?


Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini - Is this a Nita VanTil bead?

Romantic Landscape beads  by Robert Simmons who writes " We went to the beach and I was inspired. The two on the left are my first attempts at capturing the thunderstorms over the Gulf in glass.


This is a beauty - very cosmic - Tell us who made it.

Robert &  Camille Simmons usually submit  beaded pieces with lampwork focals.  But we've learned this is not theirs.  So who made this beautiful piece and is it bead crochet or another stich? And did you make the bead too?


Are these boro - the one on the right is, mushroom shaped.

Joan Hoffacker made this hot and fiery strand - a perfect reflection of our summer weather.

 A black and white abstract lentil bead by a lampworker who really knows how to control stringer - who is it and how do you do it?


Ducks on Water Stands by Linda Edmunds (Lily Steele Beads).

 Children and grownups agree - there is nothing more fascinating than a bead.