June 2004 Methods for Display

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Southern Flames is sponsoring a display at the Smyrna Library this summer which is being coordinated by Sylvie Lansdowne. She asked members to bring to the meeting examples of display methods.
Margo Knight purchased this display stand on Ebay for about $45.00 and uses it to showcase part of her amazing bead collection.  The back part of the stand can be used to display beads horizontally or vertically on mandrels.  It can sit in the base or be hung on the wall.  There are addition short mandrels built into the base for displaying single beads.  

The three wooden necklace stands on the right were brought by Robert and Camille Simmons and Marcy Lamberson contributed the cardboard version on the left.  Robert put a hook on the back of the wooden stands to keep the necklaces hanging properly- see below. 

Sylvie purchased this Easter egg holder and then used some clay to attach a wire to hold the bead.  The clay and wire are permanently adhered to the base by baking the whole thing in the oven for a few minutes.   

The stand holding the fish is made of glass - we think the fish and stand are a creation of Pam Dugger's but please let the Web Mama know if this is wrong.

Linda Edmunds (Lily Steele Beads) made the stands and the birds shown below.  The wooden pieces were purchased at Michael's Craft Store and the wire which is glued into the wood is hammered aluminum armature wire.  The whole stand is dipped in shellac to give it some color and shine and the birds can be lifted off..
Renee Wright uses this velvet lined box with a glass lid to display her beads and jewelry. 


 Kristy Nijenkamp uses this studio display stand as part of her production process.  Look below to see what she wrote about it.

   Lewanda Hardy displays earrings on cards imprinted with her name and phone number.