May 2004 Meeting:  Deanna Griffin Dove Demo

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Deanna Griffin Dove, who taught Lampwork in Atlanta for many years and is now based in Virginia, demo'd two beads at the meeting.  One was a landscape bead on a dichro base  and the other was a large mandrel Sunflower.
Margo Knight introduces Deanna to the group.  Note that Deanna is wearing a head mike - part of the audio system that Kristy Nijenkamp selected for us.  It makes it so much easier for the audience to hear what the instructor is saying.

Deanna is shown applying dichro on clear glass to a base bead.  She delicately attaches one end of the dichro strip to the bead (dichro coating faces down to the bead and then heats the back of the dichro strip while she slowly turns the bead.  The weight of the dichro causes it to lay down flat.   As she turns the bead she taps the edges of the dichro so that the clear backing completely covers the dichro coating.  We saw Marjorie Gore who takes amazing demo photos with her camera -- hopefully we will have some of her photos to add to this one.


Deanna brought some dichro which was available for sale. 

She also brought some of her signature Kaleidoscope  and  Flower beads The flower beads are shown first with the Kaleidoscopes underneath.