April 2005  - Sylvie Lansdowne Classes

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Sylvie taught two wonderful classes which included not only demos and instuctions on flowers and cane and encasing but she also showed us how she constructs the mermaids and angels and garden fairies that she is so well known for.  The photos taken below are Walter Green and the Web Mama.

Sylvie shown pulling complex cane.  She builds it on a mandrel and pulls it out using a tweezer.  Web Mama was afraid to use the technique in class but when home and gave it a try.  AMAZING!  It gives  you wonderful control and decreases wastage tremendously.  Yeah Sylvie!  Another wonderful technique that Sylvie uses was the Garbage Dump - but you'll have to take her class to find out how to do it and how useful it is.

Pictures from the Friday Saturday Class.


And from the Saturday Sunday class.

Sylvie demoed four beads on the first day of class.


The Sylvie's beads are in the top row.  Below are the ones made by the Thurs/Fri class.



On the second day of class Sylvie did four more demos - a mermaid, a Tiffany inspired bead (to die for), a 24-karat encased bead and a fish!.  They didn't come out of the kiln until class was over but if any class members want to send photos of their beads to the Web Mama, we'll post them here.




Click here if you would like to see more photos of Sylvie's work.

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