2005  - GATHERING - Louisville, KY

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The Web Mama's goal was to take photos of the entire Gathering, so we could share them here.  However, when push came to shove and the carrying new bead, tools, and books had to be weighed against the weight of the camera,  guess what got left in the room.  Please, therefore, if you have taken photos and want to share them, send the jpeg files to the Web Mama and we will post as many of them as we can.
At the opening reception, Marcy Lamberson identified a group of tables for Southeast Region members.  Sitting at this one is Carl Andrews, Cristie Prince and Sara Hoyt.  Marcy is standing in back.


Todd Smith, one of our newest members made these Southern Flames buttons for all of us to wear.  They made us the most visible chapter at the Gathering. 


During the Opening Reception, entrants in the "Kentucky "Derby" competition paraded through the room led by this colorful fellow.

Lillie Baverdam was sweet in her pink Derby which was covered in pink beads.

This "Garden Derby" was made by Marcy Lamberson but she decided to entrust the modeling of it to Chris Gorman. She's from Jacksonville and a member of the Orlando Glass Dragons. The hat which was decorated with a bouquet of flower beads merited a first place ribbon and we noted that Julie Farr, Executive Director of ISGB, was in the bidding war for it. 

Bonnie Anderson (on the left) was decorated from Derby to toes in red sequins and red roses. 

We got our first look at the Bead Quilt that Gerry White made for the Silent Auction at the opening reception.  Gerry printed bead photos from many, many wonderful beadmakers on cloth and then incorporated them into the quilt design.  Gerry (on the left side) is shown here with Andree Kosack.


Another photo of Gerry's amazing quilt which raised $350 at the Silent Auction!


The Southern Flames Table at the Bead Bazaar.  It took a tremendous amount of work to put together this beautiful table and we need to thank Nita VanTil who did most of it.  At the front of the table is a poster of the Southern Flames postcard.  Sara Hoyt designed the postcard and took this photo of the table and the next one. 

 Over 20 SF members had their beads for sale and the table was very busy all day long.  Nita is smiling  behind the table.

Again, if you have Gathering photos and want to share them, send them to the WebMama.


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