2005  - AUGUST MEETING Garage Sale

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There were two themes for this month's meeting.  Those of us who were able to attend the Gathering in Louisville brought in the beads and new tools and glass that they purchased there.  The other theme was our annual Garage Sale in which members brought things they had overstocked or weren't using to sell or trade.  There was so much excitement and anticipation that Margo Knight had a real challenge to keep people in their seats while she made announcements.  Walter Green in the back of the photo was running around getting everything set up (Thank you Walter).  Joan Houghton Theall, standing near Walter has her camera ready to take photos of the beads brought from the Gathering which you will see on some other pages of the scrapbook.  The rest of the audience is already in motion or about to be.  It was a fun meeting.

The Garage Sale table has started to fill up with glass goodies.  There were presses and graphite shapers and frit and glass and videos, a photo set up and a wine rack.  A wine rack???

A close up of the Zoozi and Cattwalk presses.  Kristy Nijenkamp bagged the large lentil press that the Web Mama deeply desired but the Web Mama snagged some beautiful cherry blossom frit that Kristy lusted after.  Maybe we can share.


More people - the Garage sale in full swing - and there is more competition than at the Filene's basement wedding dress sale.



Hidden among the glass and tools was this perfectly beautiful pendant.  The Web Mama told the artist how beautiful she thought it was and then, because the Web Mama is old, couldn't remember her name by the time she reached home.  Please tell us who you are.   This really clear photo was taken by Joan Houghton Theall.

Can't tell what is in the plastic baggy but look at that beautiful pink glass in the background and all the yummy sample glass packs in the front.



Usually the Web Mama, Linda Edmunds, avoids being in the photos because she is taking them.  But here, Joan Houghton-Teall caught her (on the left) fondling that gorgeous pink glass.



In this photo one group is busy at the Garage sale - another looking at the beads from the Gathering.  Lillie Baevedam is at the left of the photo and  Robert and Camille Simmons are looking over the bead table.  Bonnie Anderson's pendant is being admired by Don Meadows.

One last photo of this wonderful meeting -  Helene McDonald, Sylvie Lansdowne, Marie Shackelford and another very happy lampworker, Kim Scott.  In the background you can see the enlarged poster sized version of the Southern Flames Postcard plus lots of the glass and lampworking tools that Beads by Design sells.


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