2005  - AUGUST MEETING Gathering Sharing

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Don Meadows  studied with Lucio Bubbaco in Italy and is a great admirer of Lucio's work.  He brought back from the Gathering several of Lucio's amazing sculptures and brought them in for all of us to see.  The Web Mama took the first three photos but if you really want to see the detail in the work, look at the last three close-up photos taken by Joan Theall Houghton. Looking at those photos, it is hard to believe the figures were fashioned from molten glass.  Enjoy and if you want to see even more of this Lucio Bubbaco's work you can go to his website.  Thank you, Don, for taking the time and trouble to pack these up and share these valuable, unbelievable sculptures with us.




Bonnie Anderson did a lot of bead trading and came back with so many beautiful beads.  She also won two of the bead pens that were donated and auctioned off.  Close ups (taken by Joan Houghton-Theall) of the pens and one of the beads are below.  Bonnie - if you have the name of any of the Pen and Bead Artists, send them and we will post them.



Kristy Nijenkamp brought back this Cat in the Hat Bead made by Sharon Peters.


On the left Sara Hoyts beads from the Gathering including some of her yellow Peeps that she made for the Silly Bead Contest.  Notice that on the upper right is a white kitty bead made by the well known Japanese beadmaker, Emiko Sawamoto   In the other photo is a black kitty by the same artist brought back by Don Meadows.   (Photos by Joan H-T).


  Peep Peep

Joan Hougton-Theall took so many beautiful photos and she also brought these beautiful matching knobs to show us - they are way cool!


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