2005  - AUGUST MEETING  - New Tools and Challenge

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There were lots of new tools to look at and buy at the ISGB Gathering and Margo Knight brought in quite a few for us to see.  Thank you Margo.
Pictured below is the Creation Station the first of two arm rests that Margo brought for us to try out. .  If you look closely, you can see that it consists of a triangularly shaped, metal covered work surface attached to to wooden elbow rests.  Here each elbow rest is covered with a black foam pad for cushioning.  On the work surface is a clamp that can be used to secure a variety of torches (including a hot-head) and two wrist rests.  Each wrist rest can be adjusted in multiple positions for different tasks.  They can rotate up and down, clockwise or counter-clockwise and are cushioned in flame retardant foam - the Web Mama knows this from experience since she has dropped glass particles on hers.  While this contraption is difficult to understand from a photo and description, it really does work well to provide stability and comfort when doing detailed work with glass.  We are not sure of the manufacturer  but Corina Tettinger is a distributor and you can order one from her website.

This photo shows Adele Sheperd in the background sitting at the Creation Station.  Kristy Nijenkamp sits in front using another arm rest brought in by Margo.  This consists of a foam cushioned wrist rest that goes over the torch.  Both the the torch and the wrist rest have to be attached to the work table separately.  Some of us who tried it out found it easy to use.  We believe it is available from Arrow Springs.


Another view of the Arrow Springs wrist rest.  This time Robert Simmons is trying it out. Kristy is in the background at the Creation Station.


Margo Knight, our Southern Flames co-president, also brought in lots and lots of tools.  Starting on the very left is an OLIVE MASHER.  Next that is a LENTIL PRESS that comes with a variety of end attachments for making lentils in different sizes.  The three graphite tools that follow are an OSIBIN FORMER, a PADDLE , and a MIKEY.  Next to this is a PATTI WHACKER - another type of lentil shaper made by Patti Walton.  The last tool on the right is a KIM CONE AND VESSEL SHAPER.  Most of these tools are available from Arrow Springs and/or Frantz Art Glass. 


Since we were having a garage sale, the Bead Challenge was "Things that go in a Garage"   At the lower left is a car made by ??? and at the lower right is a pendant with a frog on it made by Jack Roberts.  It is a lovely bead and the Web Mama would never put it in the garage.  At least the artist who made it won the challenge and his picture is below.  In the middle is a bead on a piece of mandrel - my guess is that it is in the garage because it got stuck.  Susan Vesmarovich made the bead on the upper right and was lovely enough to put her name next to it.  I hope she also put a name in the pot so that she had a chance to win the price.  Susan, if you see this - tell us the reason this bead is in the garage and not in my jewelry box!


The winner of the Bead Challenge is Jack Roberts - he made the frog pendant and won a box of Gathering Postcards. 

A beautiful photo of Julia !


Bonnie Anderson is wearing a handmade shirt decorated on front with the original Southern Flames Logo.  On the back is an applique identical to the one on the cover of the Gathering Brochure but we didn't get a photo.   Bonnie made it for and wore it to the Gathering.



Southern Flames meetings are hosted each month by Gerry White (on the right) who is the owner of Beads by Design.  On the left is her daughter Stephanie.  Both of them make beads and Gerri is also a silversmith.  Here they are sitting at the front of the store after a long, long day cheerfully waiting for us all to leave so they can close the shop.  Beads by Design not only carries artisan beads, seed beads, pearls, crystals, finding etc, etc, etc. Beads by Design has handmade jewelry as well as torches, kilns, supplies, tools and glass for lampworkers, multiple books and magazines; silver clay, polymer clay and tools for making polymer beads. What else - classes in beading and beadmaking, wire wrapping and more.  Click here for the current class offerings.

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