2005  - December Meeting Holiday Party

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The December Meeting was devoted to our Holiday Party and Joan Houghton-Theall took these photos so those of us who could not be there could share in the fun.
Even at a party, there are always announcements and Margo Knight and Carl Andrews, our co-presidents, made them. This was followed by a the lottery for Pam Dugger's class which will be offered in February.  If you were not at the meeting because of the weather and would like to take the class, it looks as if there are a couple of spots still open.  Contact Kim, for more information.


  For food, there was a potluck dinner, combined with a cookie challenge.  (You can see the cookies in close-up on the next page of photos from the December Meeting.)


Enjoying  thefood and cookies.


Members were asked to bring a wrapped bead or bead related gift if they wanted to participate in a Gift Swap.  This is a picture of the things to choose from.


There was a drawing to decide the order that members would select from the pile.  Bonnie Anderson is picking a number on the left and Walter Green is picking his number on the right.


Brian Renaud (left) and Bonnie (right) make their selections.


Some of the item in the swap included glass (yum) and beads by Adele Simpson (left) and Robert Simmons (right).  (double yum!)



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