2005  - December Meeting Cookie Challenge

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Instead of a Bead Challenge, Southern Flames sponsored a Holiday Cookie Challenge.  This page of photos, taken by Robert Simmons, is totally yummy.  Please, please if you read this and have a cookie shown on this page send us your name and the recipe so we can post it.
Ann Schneider, Nita VanTil and Carl Andrews overseeing the Pot Luck buffet and the cookies.

  Close ups of the cookies.  Members voted to pick the best one.  We know who won (see below)  but don't know which cookie the winner belongs to.


Joan Houghton-Theall won the Cookie challenge ... both of Robert's photos of Joan were so beautiful, we decided to post them both.  Stacia Schmidt is standing behind her.


Renee Taylor looks cheery - but it looks to us as if she has no interest in cookies!

Merry Christmas to all and to all, let us know who made this cute Santa!

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