March 2005: Beads by Leah Fairbanks

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 Because of the complex layerings and the intricate detail in Leah Fairbanks beads, they are difficult to photograph especially when the lighting and background is not optimal.  That being said, it is still fun to have a chance to relook at the beads if you were at the meeting or in class or to see them for the first time if you missed them in person.


Leah's business name is Gardens of Glass and this photo by Marcy Lamberson captures the spirit of that.

During class, Leah made enough demo beads so that each student was able to take one home.  The Web Mama was thrilled to have this one and was able to photograph it at home under good light on a neutral background.  The photo gives a hint of the palladium, dichro, frit in the layers below the finely drawn flowers but doesn't show the sparkle or the beautiful subtle color palette so typical of Leah's beads.

Two more of the demo beads made by Leah at the Thursday/Friday class.  These photos were taken in class with classroom lighting.


Following are photos of some more the beads the Leah brought to show us and sell - again the lighting is  poor.


If you want to see better photos of Leah's beads and see exactly how some of them are made, this book on Leah's work by Jim Kervin is available at Beads by Design.

One last photo - this is the Thurday / Friday class.  From left to right Marcy Lamberson, Becky Sizemore (owner of the Creative Spirit Gallery), Sharon Keener, Leah Fairbanks, Renee Taylor, Pat O'Brien (behind the lamp) and Kim Runge.