January Meeting 

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Sylvie Lansdowne and Margo Knight, Southern Flames co-presidents, make announcements at the beginning of the meeting.  Sylvie's term ends in April and Margo will continue on for another year. Unlike other Board members who serve for one year, co-presidents commit for 2 years which gives continuity to  Board activities.  If you would like to serve on the Board or nominate another member, many positions will be up for election in April so let a current Board member know ASAP.  For more information about what each position entails, click here.  One more thing - to be on the Southern Flames Board, you must also be an ISGB member.


While the lottery for the Leah Fairbanks class was taking place,  Robert Simmons set up a power point display of photos he took in Ireland of the class that Leah Fairbanks taught there.

Nita Van Til brought in her kiln for use in the two Jen Geldard classes because one of our Southern Flames kilns is out for repair.  This kiln was purchased at Arrowsprings and it is an AF99.  The pyrometer is on the right.  The controller which does not come with the kiln but which can also be purchased at Arrowsprings is on the left.  Thank you Nita.


 Member KAY BERDING engrossed in examining  Jan Geldard's beautiful beads.


Member LANA ORR try to decide which of Jan Geldards beautiful beads to purchase. We think she decided on the one in her left hand  - it's ivory and white and you can see it close up in the other page of photos from this meeting.

Welcome to new member SHALAIR and her son JALEN.  


The challenge this month was "Winter" and here you see Jalen selecting the Challenge winner from the basket.  It was CARL ANDREWS who won a Gathering Mug with secret surprise inside.     

     CARL ANDREW'S winning challenge bead which we titled "Spring from  the Snow:.

The beads shown below were also entered into the challenge drawing.  We know who made some of them - if you know the artist who made the ones we can't identify, please email the Web Mama.

 1. This bead was so sparkly - we know there is dichroic in it, we don't know who made it and would love their secret for making dichroic glitter and shine so beautifully.

2. We think Margo Knight made this lovely icy   snowflake.

3. This very elegant bead was made by Joan Houghton-Theall.  She mentioned that Margo Knight made some suggestions during a class that she took with her.  Did you know that Margo teaches many lampwork classes at all levels  at the Spruill Center.  


4. Lavender Icicles  by ?

5. Robert Simmons made this  set of beads that is reminiscent of frozen water that is starting to melt..