June 2005  - Meeting - All Member Show

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While we were waiting for the June Meeting to start, we popped a video that Marjorie Gore had brought to the meeting.  It featured a Japanese bead maker demonstrating beadmaking on a very different style torch - one whose flame was vertical rather than horizontal. All of the narrative was in Japanese but the techniques were simple to follow.  It was a great way to start the evening - Thank you, Marjorie!

As usual, announcements were made at the beginning of the meeting by our 2004-2005 co-presidents: Margo Knight and Carl Andrews.


STACIA SCHMIDT was still collecting beads for the Gathering Tote Bags and lots of members contributed more of them.  Marcy Lamberson brought 28 (not that the Web Mama was counting).  While the Gathering Beads were all lovely what was the most lovely was the bracelet that Stacia was wearing.  It was made with lampwork glass beads and beaded fringe beads and it was both beautiful and fun.  We wish we had got a better closeup - maybe Stacia will wear it again.


Seeing Stacia's bracelet started us on looking around at everyone else's wrists and we found more bracelets.  On the left is a silver and lampwork bracelet by JUNE MANIS; on the right is another on the wrist of ADELE SHEPHERD.  Both were gorgeous and gain the photos don't do them justice. 

The theme for this month's meeting was "Show, Tell, Trade, Sell" and lots of members brought their beads for display.   These lovely sets were made by ADELE SHEPHERD as is the wonderful mask bead at the bottom.  Adele used her new SF Membership card to identify her work.

DENNIS JONES, a new member, made all these beads after only one class with CRISTIE PRINCE.  Either Dennis is a prodigy or Cristie is an amazing teacher - probably a bit of both.  It took the Web Mama more than a year to make a round bead and years of classes to get any two beads to match - the Web Mama is not going to play beads with Dennis! :)

These are MARCY LAMBERSON's beads and there are both beautiful ones and ones that are really fun -  for example see the little girl with the bird on its head in the first row and creamsicle in the third.  The Web Mama's favorite was the first bead in the second row - a tube bead covered with tiny pink and blue flowers and etched to look like delicate china.

JUNE MANIS brought some large and lovely glass vessels as well as some pressed beads (the red set) made with a CBS stamp.  It was a shame that we did not get a closeup of three standing vessel so we could enjoy the detail.


LEWANDA HARDY showed a lots of elegant earrings as well as some really neat ear-fish!


These beads were made by SACHIKO KAWAKITO who sells alot of her beads on Ebay under the seller ID Kenchunk.  Or do a search on Sachi's Lampwork.  The bead at the upper right is etched vines and flowers shades of purple and green.

Check out the curved beads on the right hand side of the this string - aren't they amazing.  These beads were made by Todd, the artist shown in the photo beneath. 

Lots and Lots of BRIAN RENOUD's borosilicate blown beads.  He will be demonstrating how these are made at the July meeting.

The bird, mallard, and mermaid beads shown below were made by LINDA EDMUNDS (Lily Steele Beads)

This last photo is a closeup of really spectacular large lentil made by CARL ANDREWS.  He often brings beads to meeting but they are usually in his pockets and you have to ask to them them - Don't be shy - his work is technically pure and beautiful.

SYLVIE LANSDOWNE wasn't able to be at the meeting - we think she was of selling at one of the many national shows she does each year but Bonnie Anderson sent us this really nice photo of her so we thought we would include it.


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