Mayl 2005  - Meeting

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A meeting filled with new members, potential members, out of town members and lots of beads. Below is Debbie Neis, a new member who traveled all the way from Alabama for our meeting and for Brad Pearson's class.  She was lovely enough to take her own photos of  the class and of Brads beads which you can see on another page in the scrapbook.

The new member in the pink shirt and light blue jacket is Martha Fuerst.  She is one of Margo Knights students so if you are interested in taking a class with Margo, speak with herThe really cute guest in the hat is  Blaine, the son of Angie, one of our SF members.


This is Marjorie Langston who came to the meeting from Chattanooga.  Marjorie runs many events in her studio in Chattanooga and many Southern Flamers travel to the Langston Studios over and over again to participate in classes and retreats because it is so much fun and they learn so much.  Marjorie is currently co-sponsoring with Deanna Griffin Dove and A Touch of Glass, a 30 torch bead making extravaganza in Asheville this fall.  Read more about it under Announcements.

Stacia Schmidt is coordinating the collection of beads for the Louisville Gathering.  The 189 beads shown here were made by Southern Flames members prior to the May 7 Bead Making Extravaganza. 

Photos from the Bead Making Extravaganza (organized to perfection by Nita Van Til) are available on another page of this scrapbook but here you can see the 236 beads that members worked all day to produce.  Can you find yours?

The Bead Challenge for May was large beads and lots of members brought beads to share.  What was really neat was the diversity of style as well as the large dimensions.  We'd like to identify all the beads but we'll need your help.  If you can identify the artists we can't, please send the Web Mama  a note with the description and beadmaker's name. 

 Sylvie Lansdowne made the amazing vessel with the face and the flowers.  And Bonnie Anderson, one of Sylvie's students, made the mermaid on the right. Way to go Bonnie!

The colored hollows with dots are by Carl Andrews.  The huge hollow at the bottom left with the silver galaxy was a joint effort by Kristy Nijenkamp and Margo Knight - it was so large it took two to hold it.  We think the fish being attacked by an octopus is a Don Meadow's original.

Kristy Nijenkamp made the two encased florals and Brian Renoud made the pink blown bead at the bottom.  The pinkish etched bead at the bottom right with a horse sketched on it, is by Sara Hoyt.

We noticed that Brian Renoud brought a sack full of beads in addition to the one he contributed to the Bead Challenge so we asked if we could photograph them.  Brian made these beads by blowing glass tubing and decorating them using a technique called "Inside Out" In this technique frit or dots are applied to the inside of the tubing and then these decorations are manipulated by stretching or blowing the glass.   Hopefully Brian will bring his beads back to the All Member Show at the June meeting and you can ask him for more information.

A close up of one of Brian's beads.

We always check out Camille Simmons neck at meetings because she almost always wears something beautiful that she has made. This montth Camille was wearing a beaded necklace made using a design from Sylvie Lansdowne. See the closeup below that Camille's husband Robert took and sent for the scrapbook.


The center point of the May meeting was a demo by Brad Pearson.   Click here if you would like to see photos of the demo and of Brad's beads.

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