2005  - November - Kristen Frantzen Orr

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Kristen Frantzen Orr was with us to teach class, show us her beads, and come to our meeting.  It was a privilege and a delight.  The class was structured so skillfully that each exercise brought us a new technique and had us practicing those we had just learned.  And Kristen's bead - glorious is the only word to describe them; classical, elegant, breathtaking.  We've taken lots of photos of the beads made at class and the ones Kristen brought so that those of  you who were not in class or at the meeting cold enjoy them as much as we did.   

Kristen at the Thursday / Friday class.  Left to Right:  Marcia Manuel, Pat O'Brien, Suzanne Patterson, Kristen Frantzen Orr, Krity Nijenkamp, Christie Price, Susan Vesmarovich, Kim Runge.


We started with a warm-up bead - Kristen uses this bead to get in the groove after a period of not making beads.

We made lots of cane - round cane, flat cane, floral cane, leaf cane, berry cane, millifiori cane, mixed transparent cane. Round floral cane on the left; flat cane on the right.


We tested the cane.


And made beads with the cane.  These are some of the beads that Kristen made in class

And these are the beads that Kristen brought with her to show us.  Kristen does the silver work also.  While Kristen did not bring beads with her to sell, she did take order for them.  We could order the bead by itself or the complete pendant. 

Close ups of Kristen Frantzen Orr Pendants - Very large pictures so you can see all the amazing detail.

We had a wonderful time in class - Kristy Nijenkamp is laughing at Kim Runge and her gallon size water bottle.


Maria Manuel and Suzanne Versammach concentrate on their beads.



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