2005  - November Meeting - Kristen Frantzen Orr Demo

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As we were wait for the meeting to start, members and guests spend time socializing.  Renee Taylor brought some sweet friends with her.
One of these ladies is came all the way from Tennesee to be with us.

  Before the meeting starts, we also spend lots of time looking at each others jewelry. This charming bracelet was made by and worn by Susie Hammond.  Suzie said it was inspired by the work of Sylvie Elise Lansdowne.

The pendant on the left was made and worn by Carl Andrews.  Robert Simmons made the cabachon and did the silver work on the pendant on the right.  It was worn by Camille Simmons.


Mother and Daughter pendants - Lillie Bavendam made the pendant on the left and her daughter, Marie Shackleford made the one on the right.  Look like both are expert with dots!


Kristen Frantzen Orr gets ready to demo.  The web mama thought this was a lovely photo of both Kristen and reflects what a giving teacher and artist she is.  Its a beautiful photo of Marcy too.

Kristen makes cane in preparation for creating a floral bead.

A close up of the cane in progress - stripes are being drawn down a base cylinder.

A blurry picture of the completed bead.  A similar bead made by Kristen during class is shown below.


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