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The photos from our September Meeting were taken by Bonnie Anderson (BA), Joan Houghton-Theall (JH-T),and Robert Simmons (RS) and are identified by the their initials. 
Co Presidents Carl Andrews and Margo Knight make announcements.  Our secretary, Nita Van Til will summarize these when the Sept Meeting Update is posted.  (Photo by RS)

Kristen Frantzen Orr will be teaching at Southern Flames in November.  Because there is a great demand for the classes, students are selected by lottery for each of the two classes.  Kim Runge, Joan Theall Houghton, and Carl Andrews are making the class lists as names are drawn from a hat.  (Photo by RS)

Rick Hidding (on the left) served as Southern Flames recording secretary for two years.  Here he is shown accepting a gift of thanks from the Board and Membership.  Rick is the owner of The Cloth Bag Company and has donated the bags featuring the 2003 and 2004 Southern Flames postcards.  Other departing SF Board meetings - Sylvie Lansdowne (co-president) and Kristy Nijenkamp (vice president) received thanks and gifts at an earlier meeting.  (Photo by BA)

Margo Knight shows the audience the logo that we have been using recently to identify Southern Flames.  The membership is being polled to determine whether this should be SF Official logo or if we should have a contest to come up with a new logo. Margo is wearing a bracelet made from a kit and beads from Sylvie Lansdowne. (Photo of Margo by BA; Photo of bracelet by J H-T))


Nita Van Til, who organized and managed the Southern Flames Table at the Gathering, reports on how the process went, what we learned, and what was sold - $1800 worth of beads! (Photo by BA)

Socializing and sharing beads - we see Lillie Bavendam, Marie Shackleford, Monica Manuel and Walter Green.  If you can identify anyone else in the photo, let the Web Mama know.  (Photo by BA)

Kim Harrington is the member on the right and Karen Lee is the member on the left .  (Photo by BA)


The Bead Challenge for September was Critters and here are close-ups of some of the entries.  Let the Web Mama know if you can identify the artists.  (Photos by JH-T)


These 2 Starfish beads are by Robert Simmons.  Inquiring minds want to know  - where are the beautiful bead crochet necklaces  that are usually attached to Robert's creations! 


One more  Critter bead - is that the model on the left?  (Photo by BA)


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