2006  - January Meeting Bead Exchange

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Our January Meeting was our annual Bead Exchange but before the fun could begin ..... Announcements! 



This was really big news - one of our members - Alice St Germain - has a feature article "Market Share" in the February 2006 issue of Bead and Button.  That is Alice on the left holding up the magazine and a close up of her beautiful beads and necklace.  And for an extra added (though very tiny) bonus, check out the Bead Soup section (p. 118) of the same issue - there is blurb about the 2005 ISGB gathering last year and if you look closely (VERY closely), you may spot a couple of Southern Flamers.


  The other BIG news is that Sylvie Lansdowne's new beading kit is now available and it is fabulous.  It is a Mermaid Pendant and the project is called Splish Splash and as samples were passed around everyone was enthralled  The photo below is over-exposed so click here to see these mermaids in all their lovely detail and color variations.


A new member Brittney Rhoda.

Now for the best part - the Bead Exchange.  The beautifully wrapped beads sit ready to be opened in the middle of the room.


The first step in an exchange is to determine the order of the draw.  In this photo, Nita VanTil passes around a jar so we can pick numbers.  In addition to Nita, can you find Sashiko Kawakito, Lillie Bavendam, Sylvie Lansdowne, Stacia Schmidt, Judy McCourt, Stephanie and Gerri White, Bonnie Anderson, Walter Green, Brian Renaud and Mary Brightwell.  We were all so happy to have Mary with us again.


The first bead to be opened was the one made by the Web Mama.  Since she forgot to photograph her bead, here is the box.  Marjorie Langston is opening it with Nita to her left.


Sara Hoyt opened a spectacularly wrapped chocolate themed contribution and the chocolate lentil beads made by Judy McCourt were as beautiful as the package.  Marcy Lamberson is looking on.


After some beads were opened, there was a rush to see them.  Here Margo Knight, Kim Runge and ? are looking at a beautiful lavender vessel madeAnn Schneider.


All of the beads have been opened and  we are now finding out who made each of them. 


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