2006  - January Meeting Bead Exchange Beads

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The Bead Exchange beads this year were consistently beautiful.  It is just amazing how we have grown as a group in our technical and design skills.  So many beads traded hands so many times because so many lusted after so many wonderful beads. 

One problem however is that it is difficult to take good close up photos and not interfere with the exchange so many of these photos are over/or under exposed and not in focus.  In fact some of the more spectacular ones like Kim Runge's earrings and Sylvie Lansdowne's mermaid sculpture can hardly be seen at all.  Luckily, Bonnie Anderson sent a few good photos and the Web Mama is sorry about the rest. If anyone else took better photos or has photos of the beads they contributed please send them to us and they will be substituted.  Also, at the end of the meeting, the maker of each bead was revealed.  The Web Mama didn't get them all down so if you remember the artist, please send us an e-note so we can identify them.

1. Not a lot of members got to see this bead so we are featuring first.   The Web Mama picked it from the unwrapped beads and fell so much in love with it, that Kim Runge held it for her and scared off all those who even thought of swiping it.  This  bathing beauty was made by RENEE TAYLOR and is simple, stylish, and very witty.


  2. This was a large, perfectly shaped green lentil with silvery beaded highlights made by TERRY HALE.  It was gorgeous!


3. ALICE ST GERMAIN contributed one of Market Share Pittipat Squashbeads that was featured in Bead and Button.  We saw Margo Knight wearing it as a ring - and it was perfect on her.

 4. SUSAN COUNCIL made this beautifully shaped tabular bead also decorated with fine silver. Susan is a new bead maker from Chattanooga who came as a guest to the meeting with Marjorie Langston.  Welcome Susan.


5. A technically perfect and perfectly beautiful dotted bead in blues made by MARJORIE LANGSTON.  Marjorie runs extremely popular retreats and classes in Chattanooga. If you are not on her mailing list, you may want to get in touch with her.


6. This very large bead made by CARL ANDREWS had wonderful depth - The base bead looked like a color photo of the earth with clouds swirling above it. Then the whole bead was cased and covered in a series of clear dots.


7. A lovely blue floral lentil - perfect in every detail except for how it was photographed.

8. Another bad photograph of a lovely ivory bicone decorated with swirls of turquoise.


9. A very organic black and ivory bicone beautifully accented with white.


10.  This photo is BOTH out of focus AND over exposed.  What a shame because the colors in this focal with 2 spacers were dark, rich and luscious. They were made by MARIE SHACKELFORD.


11. A uniquely shaped and decorated bead with lots of depth and sparkle.  We think KAREN LEE  made it but are not sure.

12. LILLIE BAVENDAM made this lovely floral beads in green's and pinks set with seed beads and spacer - all ready to wear.

13. Lovely earrings set with silver - Who made them and does anyone have a photo that does them justice.

14. A delightful and intricate fish made by MARGO KNIGHT who fooled everyone.  No one guessed who made it but many were tearful when they lost it.

15.  Kim Runge was lucky to win the sweet green kitty made by BONNIE ANDERSON.

15. MARCY LAMBERSON (Mambo Beads) makes and sells many wonderful fantasy creatures. This funny featured fellow is definitely one of her best.    Luckily Bonnie Anderson took a photo of it so it is a good one. After it traded back and forth, Ann Schneider got to take it home. I wonder if she named it?


16. This sparkling multi-colored butterfly was another amazing creation from STEPHANIE WHITE.  

17.  A lovely mermaid by SUZI HAMMOND-McKEY who must have studied with Sylvie Lansdowne and has mastered her lessons.  And check out the tail - very different from Sylvie's style and really really lovely.  Bonnie Anderson took this photo which is why it is such a good one.

18.  Even in this overexposed, out of focus photo of the mermaid that SYLVIE LANSDOWNE contributed, the grace of her work is apparent.  Since the details of her work can't be seen in the photo, click her to a link which will give a clear view of her wonderful, fanciful creations.

19.  This angel made by STACIA SCHMIDT was perfectly charming.  Dressed in a variety of deep blues and accented with silver, she really was heavenly.  PLEASE, PLEASE will someone send us a good


20.  MARCIA MANUEL made the beads for this adorable pendant, did the silversmithing as well, and then strung it on a seed bead necklace - just a wonderful piece.     Bonnie Anderson took the photo and sent it to us.

21.  BRIAN RENAUD made this gracefully shapped and intricately colored vase - too big to wear but a perfect frame for a rose bud or for the sun coming through a window.

22. This was the beautiful purple vessel was made by ANN SCHNEIDER and everyone was clustered around the bead table oohing and aahing at it when it was first opened.

23. Who ever finally was able to keep  this contribution was doubly lucky because it consisted of floral earrings as well as a floral focal made by SASHIKO KAWAKITA .

24. SARA HOYT - who else could have made this delicately sculptured floral where the spaces between the leaves and bloom are as beautiful as the flower itself.

26. This perfectly shaped tube bead with the intricate scroll work was made by NITA VAN TIL

27. These are the beautifully detailed stacked dot Chocolate lentils made by JUDY MC COURT.  They were stolen from Sara Hoyt a couple of times but we think she eventually got to take them home.  Lucky Sara.
28. One of the most stunning contributions of the evening were the earrings made by KIM RUNGE.  They were deep blue with a fringe of tiny silver beads bursting from the top.  They were sophisticated and sexy and we wish we had even a reasonable photo of them.  And if you remember, Kim's work was, I believe, the only Southern Flames member whose work was accepted for the Trajectories Exhibit and Catalog.  Marcy Lamberson was the final winner of Kim's earrings and she will look beautiful in them.  If she wears them to the next meeting (Hint) maybe we can get a good photo.


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