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Our annual Silent Auction - with our own best beads as well as amazing beads donated by our visiting Instructors.   So much fun; so much bidding strategies; so much loveliness - we have a few pictures at the end of members looking and bidding but first the beads.  We tried to photograph as many as possible but consistency with light and focus is difficult at a meeting so not all of the photos came out.  We've also tried to identify as many beads as possible - but please identify those we missed by sending the Web Mama a note.
1. A Patty Pan squash bead by Alice St Germain.  (Now owned by the verylucky Web Mama.)

3. A sparkling purple vessel by Ann Schneider

2. Andrew Jackson Pollack's goblet.

 4.  Beautiful teals and greens and aquas in this set made by Lillie Bavendam.


5. This bead was made by Michael Barley using Satake glass.

 6. Brad Pearson showed his classes how to make this style of pendant and contributed this one to our auction.  Thanks Brad.



7. A really neat Bead Storage Box donated by Kim Colfer.

8. A Kim Runge floral bead.


9. Kim Runge Earrings - this pair was fiercely fought for by several members.  Who won?  The Web Mama who has been coveting a pair since she saw a similar pair made by Kim at the Bead Swap.

 10. A lovely set by Andree Kosak who has really mastered the art of stringer and dot control.


11. Lance McRorie  made this wonderful figure - we think it is boro and apologize for cutting the feet off in the photo.


12. The colors in this Frog on a flower bead by June Manis  were gorgeous.   This is one frog that is not going to hop anywhere - we certainly wouldn't if we had this bead.   

13. Another frog bead in more muted shades by Susie Hammond McKee. This frog is pondering the state of the environment.

14. Britney Rhoda made this charming bracelet - colorful and fun.  (The Web Mama thought she might leave this photo out since Britney scored a Bead that the Web Mama wanted alot.)

15. Patty Quinn sent this absolutely stunning pendant made of silver, fused glass and cabachons .


16. All the colors of the ocean are in this hollow bead made by  Marjorie Langston.  Marjorie is the beadmaker who runs the very, very popular classes and retreats in Chattanooga.

17. Only Kristin Frantzen Orr could have created this perfect floral bead.

18. This beautiful necklace was made by Gerry White with beads by Stephanie White.


19. A lentil set made with a lovely frit by?


20. Linda Edmunds made this flying angel who seems to have fallen from the sky.


 21.  Striking green and black earrings by Kristy Nijenkamp.


22.  Another lentil set - was it made by the same artist as #19?


23. The photo doesn't do justice to the colors in this beautifully made set of beads by Judy McCourt. Each bead could be a focal piece by itself.


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