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More of the Silent Auction Beads which brought more than $1600 to the SF treasury. If you can identify an artist, please let the Web Mama know.
24.  A decorated hollow made by June Manis or Andree Kosak?


25. A floral bead made and donated by guest instructor Leah Fairbanks.

 26. This lampworked bead by Marcy Lamberson is cute as a bug and when you turn it over it has a heart on its stomach.

27. Marcy Lamberson also made this monkey which was lovely as it was adorable.

 28. A sprightly colorful fish by our co-president Margo Knight who had taught many of our members at the Spruill center where she holds a variety of beginning, intermediate and advanced lampworking classes.


29.  We all love the sleek and sophisticated cats that Nita Van Til makes.  Now we know she can also create adorable kittens. kittens.
 30. Lillie Bavendam made this lovely Iris floral pendant.


 31. Pam Dugger made this Lion Fish at a Southern Flames demo.  It one of her signature beads and this one was really special because it was decorated with Bullseye lustre glass which made it shine.             


31. A Mask made by Brad Pearson

32. Brad Pearson also made this very simple but very elegant blue and white bead.  He uses a masked dot technique which provides symmetrical but different designs at each end of the bead.

33. One more bead by Brad Pearson - this is one of his signature Pulsar Beads.


34. A Brian Renaud fish - we think it is boro and blown from glass tubing. Brian, let us know if this is not correct.


35. A delicate pair of earrings by Sachiko Kawakito.  So lovely.


 36. Bonnie Anderson made this lovely shell with a back (not shown) that is as interesting and wonderful as the front.


37.  Robert Simmons made this vessel shaped bead pendant with wisteria flowers cascading over it.


38. A Stephanie White hollow fish with eyebrows!



39. Sylvie Lansdowne made this flower covered goddess fairy when she taught class - Sylvie teaches wonderful lampwork classes - Take one if you ever get a chance.


40. A perfect bead - perfectly shaped, perfectly colored, perfectly sized, and perfectly decorated.  Made by Terry Hale


41.  There was a crowd of coffee and bead lovers around this bead.  A cup of java on one side and the word Java on the other by Terry Hale.  The lucky winner was Kim Runge.

42.  Three beautifully sculptured flowers - they look like pink dogwood by Sachiko Kawakito. Her work is always so elegant.


And finally a couple of photos of members (and a junior members Nikole ) looking and bidding.


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