2006  - May Meeting

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Alice St. Germain opens her first Southern Flames meeting as incoming Co-President.

 Outgoing Board Members

Standing in back - Walt Green-,Meeting Coordinator, Camille & Robert Simmons, Events Coordinators.
In front - Margo Knight-Co-President, Joan Houghton-Theall, and Kim Runge. Treasurer.

Missing was Carl Andrews, Current Co-President


Incoming Board Members

In back: Renee Taylor, Meeting Coordinator and Stacia Schmidt, Secretary
In Front: Bonnie Anderson, Web Mama, Alice St. Germain , Co-President, and Kim Runge, Treasurer

Not at the meeting tonight - Adele Shepherd, Vice President,Troy Adkins, Event Coordinator, and Carl Andrews, Co-President.





Visitor, Elda Brown  


Stephanie has a cute new 'Do'

 Walt and Betty strike a pose.



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