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This was a busy meeting.  Sylvie Lansdowne showed us how to make paper beads - handy when you can't have your torch with you!  It was also the Holiday Tree Bead raffle,  the Appetizer and Dessert Challenge, the first meeting run by our new co-president Karen Barefield and the lottery for the Brent Graber Class.  Karen Barefield is standing on the right. 

Our Librarian, Martha Fuerst, selects an item or two from our Resource cabinet to discuss at each meeting.  This month she discussed James Kervin's book More than you Ever Wanted to Know about Glass Beadmaking. It is one of the original books written for contemporary beadmakers and is atechnical and practical information about setting and running a studio and making beads.   James Kervin's book, as well as all the other items in our Resource Cabinet can be borrowed by members for a period of one month. Click here for more information about what is available in our Resource Cabinet and the rules for borrowing items such as books, tapes, presses, tools, etc.


Southern Flames is sponsoring a group buy of Drew Fritts' book Torchworked Marbles.  Many of our members agreed that this book, while ostensibly about marbles has a great deal of information which also applies to making beads.    If you are interested in purchasing this book at a discounted reate, send Kim Runge a check for $22.95 by Jan 15  or bring it to the next meeting.  Send the check to Southern Flames, Box 311 Peachtree Hills Ave. Box 11A, Atlanta GA 30305.

Southern Flames meetings are held at Beads by Design in Marietta.  This photo shows just some of the many bead, glass, and jewelry supplies that the store sells.  In addition Beads by Design has the best selection of beading and jewelry books and magazines in the Atlanta area.  Thank you Gerry White for letting us have our meetings here.

This is our official SF Greeter - Maureen Lovell and she brings Welcoming to a whole new level.   Not only does she find members who can't locate their name badges but she also makes sure to collect each and every badge before the meeting ends  The Web Mama is particularly grateful because she can never find her badge - usually because she always forgets to turn it back in.  THANK YOU, Maureen!!!


One of the things we all love to do at meetings is to look at beads and jewelry that other member make.  This is Elda Brown and her earrings were so lovely and graceful we could resist taking some photos.


Because we were all contributing beads for our beaded holiday tree, the challenge for the December Meeting was to make either an Appetizer or a Dessert that members could vote for while they ate them.  This picture was taken early in the evening before all the entries arrived.  To the left is the winning appetizer entry - tomato, basil, and mozzarella balls - do they or do they not look like beads on mandrels waiting to be cleaned???  (Well at least try to use your imagination ....).  In the middle of the table is the winning dessert - a light and luscious chocolate cake.  Yum.

Sherry Gomez  won a $25 gift certificate to Beads by Design for baking the winning chocolate cake.  It was fabulous and by the end of the evening all that was left was a few wisps of whipped cream.


The Web Mama, Linda Edmunds, also won a gift  certificate for the cooking (?) best appetizer - Who says presentation doesn't count!!!


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