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The December Meeting is also our Holiday Party and at the party we raffle off a Holiday Tree decorated with glass beads .  For every bead a member donates they get a raffle ticket.  And if you want more chances to win, you can also buy tickets.  Money raised from the raffle helps to fund  SF projects, such as our contribution to the Beads of Courage program that will be starting in Atlanta in March.

The winner of the 2007 Holiday Tree was Brian Renoud and he seen here sitting beside it.

Some of the many beads made by members to hang on the tree are shwo here.  There are close-ups of more beads below.



If you can identify the member who made any of the beads on the tree or ones shown in the close-ups below, let the Web Mama know so we put their name near their beads.  It is always fun to know, who made which bead and it helps if we want to ask how the bead was made.

Christmas Fish by ?

Gingerbread Man  by Marcy Lamberson


Christmas Tree  by ?

   Holiday Mushroom by Marcy Lamberson


Santa Clus by Linda Edmunds.  Christmas Tree by ??  Christballs  Balls by ?


Brian Renoud won the tree and in this photo of it you can see some of the many clear blown glass ornaments that he contributed to it.  One piece, not shown here, was almost 10 inches long!.  Brian was lovely enough to leave his own  ornaments behind when he packed up the tree so that we can use them to raise funds at the Silent Auction.  Thank you Brian for all your contributions.

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