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Sylvie Lansdowne one of Southern Flames' original members, a former co-President and a nationally known beadmakercame to Southern Flames to show us how to make beads when a torch and glass are not available.  She has been working a great deal with Paper crafts and was able to show us some of her current work and how to make rolled paper beads ourselves.  Sylvie has taught a number of Creativity workshops in the past and is about to start another one.  It will meet once a month, and will use paper and words to foster the creative spirit.  For more information email Sylvie at sylvie@sylviebeads.com.

Sylvie Lansdowne is shown below with Southern Flames members watching her make rolled paper beads.

Equipment needed to make these paper beads include paper cut in triangles (stiff paper works best), stamp pads to color the edges of the paper, a wooden stick for rolling the beads around, plus glue, cord and seed beads for decoration.


Some of Sylvie's rolled beads strung with golden cord and decorated with the same cord and seed beads.

Martha Fuerst makes rolled beads.


Some of the rolled paper beads made by Southern Flames members.


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