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The Bead Challenge theme for July was "Multicolor" Beads".  Whoever brings in a bead for display can put their name in a hat.  The name that is pulled out winds a bead related prize..  This month the winner was Brian Renoud.  The theme for August is "Beads made with Metal" so bring one in and maybe you will win a prize.  Many of the prizes are purchased at the Gathering so you know they will be fun.

Shown below are the Challenge Beads for July.  If you know who made a bead that is not identified, let the Web Mama know the artist's name so we can put it next to the bead.

It looks as if 7 people brought beads to display.


1. Two Painted Beads by Michael Dean

2. Made by Maureen Lovell


3. Baby Monsters by June Manis


4. Made by Renee Taylor

5. Made by Marcy Lamberson


6. Vessel by Karen Barefield

7. An Off-Mandrel Flower Pendant by Brian Renoud.  Brian was the Bead Challenge.  Anyone who enters a bead has their name thrown into a hat.





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