Silent Auction Photos by DIANE KOVACH

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Some more photos of the Cinco de Mayo feast prepared by Gerry White with a great closeup of the beef, chicken, refried beans, rice and fruit cups. 


More photos of us looking, eating, socializing, and contemplating our bids.


Frit, glass, tools and beads by Kim Runge  (bottom left) and Tom Holland (bottom right).

A close-up of the bead by Kim Runge with its empty bidding card.  Kim's business card for a company "Glory After Forty" is above.    Bidding on items on this able had not started yet. 

On this table you can spot the bead stand donated by DK Designs (Diane Kovach), a fused plate by Don Meadows, more glass, more frit, and murrine in a glass goblet. 

A close-up of the Heart bead by Bronwen Heilman and also a business card from Cattwalk who donated a Graduated button press as well as other tools.

Table 5 with tools from Cattwalk and Zoozii, mandrels from Inspiration tools, another fused plate by Don Meadows as well as more frit, glass and some boro pendants.


The Web Mama's favorite of Diane's photos because it includes Renee Taylor's daughter.  Renee is the SF Meeting Coordinator and her daughter often helps her set up for our meetings. I wonder what she is reading!  Update: Renee's daughter is reading Black Beauty (no wonder she looks so absorbed).  The two women sitting next to her are Sharon (in black) and a guest of Sharon's in blue.

Auction Item Close-ups

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