Silent Auction Photos by  FRED FUERST

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These photos of members and guests were taken at the Silent Auction by Fred Fuerst,  husband of member Martha Fuerst.  We thank Fred for sharing them with us. 

The Web Mama has not been able to identify everyone in the photos but if you can attach names to faces, send me an email and I will update the page. It helps us to get to know each other.   (I've numbered the photos so that you can be specific about which photo you are writing about. 

Photo 1.  Carl Andrews and Alice St Germain


Photo 2.  Renee Taylor - SF Meeting Coordinator who organizes arrangements for our meetings.  Yeah Renee!


Photo 3.  (Left to Right) Kim Runge and ....


Photo 4. 

Photo 5. Kim Runge and ?

Photo 6. Diane Korvach or Donna Myrick in aqua.  Diane and Donna are sisters and from some angles its hard to tell one from the other!   Update: Diane tells us it is Donna!

Photo 7. Left to Right: Cheryl Lee, Mary Brightwell, Carl Andrews, Bonnie Anderson, ??, Alice St Germain, Linda Edmunds

Photo 8. An amazing boro sculpture donated by

Photo 9.  Pat O'Brien and husband.

Photo 10.  Cristie Prince

Photo 11. Diane Kovach

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