2007  - OCTOBER - Heather Trimlett Class and Beads

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Heather Trimlett taught 2 classes for Southern Flames.  The first was on Beads and Buttons and the second on Beads and Vessels.  They were wonderful classes not only because of what we made but because of the techniques and tips that Heather shared with us which are the keys to her crisp, perfect, spot on, popping designs.
In this photo Heather is making a vessel on a steel wool, bead release covered mandrel.  Watching her is Marcia Manuel, Becky Sizemore, Karen Barefield, Margo Knight and Sandy Anderson.

In this photo, you can also see Beth Ederington and Joan Houghton-Theall on the far right.

The only problem Heather had in class was getting students to stop looking at the beads that she brought with her.

A necklace made by Heather Trimlett using her large hole disk beads.

 On the left some of Heathers perfectly made and brilliantly colored disks.  On the right, two of her signature vessels.  At the bottom of the picture some of her bead bundles.

One of Heather's disks - her photo so you can see the detail

In this photo, a steel wool (#00) covered mandrel is being coated in bead release - the excess is rolled off on one's fingers.  The process is messy but the results are neat - see below.

The steel wool based Vessel that Heather made during class. 

The Web Mama's attempt capped with a vessel stopper that we also learned how to make a fit to a vessel.

Robert Simmons sent us a photo of a button he made following Heather's Thursday, Friday class. 

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