2007  - SEPTEMBER - Dustin Tabor Class

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We thought you might like to see some of Dustin Tabors beads.  Some were made by Dustin in class; some were made by students; and one is the Warring States Bead that Dustin made at the September meeting demo.
In this photo, Dustin preparing to case a bead.  He is heating a huge gather - 2 to 3 times the size of the bead to be cased.  Dustin uses the same technique for creating a round base bead.  He heats a large gather - and applies it to the mandrel in one step to make the bead.

Below are some of the beads, pendants, and earrings that Dustin brought with him.  The lighting wasn't great so the photos don't capture the amazing color intensity in these pieces but at least you can see the detail.


 This is the Warring States bead that Dustin made during the demo at the September meeting







 The beads on the left are so perfect, we think they must be the ones made by Dustin during the Friday class.  From left to right is a flower pendant, a cased dot bead, a star bead, a cased striped bead, a triangular bead, a pod, a twisted dot bead and an eye pendant.

 Some photos from the Saturday / Sunday class. 

Below Joan Houghton-Theall, Karen Barefield and June Manis look at some of Dustin's beads.

 Stephanie White is on the left and Margo Knight on the right.  Note the hand rest that Margo is using. 

Marjorie Langston is the SF member who runs all the wonderful classes and retreats in Chattanooga.  If you are interested in more information about her classes, click here.

A close-up of Margo's hand rest.


 The photos below are pendants and beads made by students in Dustin's classes.  If you made one or know who did, please let us know so we can put their names by their work.
1. Pendant by ?

2. Pendant by ?

3. Pendant by ?

4. Twisted bead by ?

5. Pod bead by ? --  this one is so perfect we think it might be Dustin's   6. Twisted bead by ?


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