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Lisa St Martin brought trays and trays of her beautiful bead with her including her amazing Landscape beads which are made with hundreds of layered dots using colors that Lisa mixes herself and pulls into stringer.   Shown below are a tray of landscape beads. followed by close-ups of three of those beads.

Three Landscape beads in closeup. 



Lisa uses a lot of Dichroic glass in her beads and is especially known how she makes pinks blaze color in her beads.  Pink the trickiest colors to work with.

Close-ups of two of Lisa's dichroic beads are shown below.  Note the vibrancy of the pink bead on the right.


 These star beads of Lisa's are huge - about 4-5 inches in diameter.  Incorporation of dichroic glass makes them even more interesting to look at.

These beads show off Lisa's marbling and webbing techniques.



On the left side of this tray the beads are made using purple plum glass.  Beads on the right side have been lightly etched.  You can see the dichro through the etching which give the beads a beautifully soft glow.


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