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Instead of a Bead Challenge this month, we had our annual Dessert and Appetizer Challenge.  Winners took home gift certificates from Beads by Design or glass related goodies.  Everyone got to eat the entries.  The Web Mama and Andrew Lunde took these photos but since each entry was identified by a number, we are not sure who made what.  But we are sure they were all luscious.  And everyone sampling them (below) agreed.

The Appetizers


 A Ritzy Dip with Beaded Spreaders

Stuffed Mushrooms and roasted nuts.


Kiln Baked Weenies and Meatballs


The Web Mama (Linda Edmunds) won first prize for her kiln baked weenies and meatballs appetizer.  Presentation is everything when the entrant can't cook!  And those BBD gift certificates are a great motivator.


Gerry and/or Stephanie White came in second with their delectable stuffed mushrooms but neither would admit being the chef.


The Desserts

The desserts were unusual - unusually delicious!  Andrew and I were glad we got photos before members finished their appetizers because almost nothing was left on the dessert table at the end of the meeting.

Fred Fuerst (right) won first price for his luscious pecan raspberry dessert and Kristy Nijenkamp (left) came in third for her crunch and yummy praline pecan toffee grahams.  The second place  prize went to Marcy Lamberson for her elegantly presented apple dip.



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