What We Wore

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It is always fun to look at what Southern Flames members wear around their neck or wrists or in their ears when the come to meetings.  Since this was a party, it was especially fun.  Below are some Southern Flame Members modeling their creations.  We didn't manage to capture everyone with their creations, but you can always send photos to the WebMama and she will add them.

Leah Gaslowitz


Dinosaur Pendant by Leah Gaslowitz

 Kim Runge


Round Dotted Pendant by Kim Runge

Nita VanTil


Golden Pendant by Nita VanTil

Robert & Camille Simmons


Beaded Necklace by Camille Simmons

Snowman Pendant

by Cristie Prince

Cristie Prince and Mr. Prince




Joan Houghton-Theall



Glass and Ceramic Pendant by Joan Houghton-Theall

Andrea Winkler

Pendant by Andrea Winkler

Maureen Lovell



Snowman Pendant

by Maureen Lovell

Linda Edmunds


Dancing Santa Pendant by Linda Edmunds

Rose Marbles by Don Meadows

Double Maltese Wine Stopper by Marcy Lamberson


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