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Brent Graber, whom you might also know as Mr. Smiley on some of the Lampwork Forums, came to Atlanta to teach two classes about using Borosilicate glass for Beadmaking.  In addition to the two classes he did an amazing demo using Boro to make a sculptural piece at our Saturday Meeting.

Before Brent started the demo, he explained that he would make two separate pieces and then attach them together at the end.  The first piece Brent made was a graceful seaweed like base.  When this was done he put it into the blue kiln to his right and started on the second, more complex component a fish.


Brent has finished the body of the fish and the tail and is working on the fins.  Gerry White taped the demo so a copy may be available in the resource library so that you can see the base a fish body being made.

A better photo of Brent as he continues work on the fishes fins.

Brent is holding the fish attached to a punty in his left hand and the base attached to a punty in his right hand and is connect the two.  You can see that the base is made of clear boro glass with the red seaweed extending from it.  The last step is the fish's lips.  The left punty is melted off and the red lips added. 


Here is a slightly blurry photo of the completed pieces.  It is still hot and has to be put in the kiln to anneal and for all of the gorgeous color development to be complete.  It was an amazing piece to see and an even more amazing experience to watch how it was made.  We were so lucky to have Brent visit us.



Below is a sample of Brent Graber's borosilicate beads with a selection of bead close-ups below.  If you want to see more of Brent's beads check out his web site www.brentgraber.com

Brent Graber Beads with Electroforming

Brent Graber Silver Lined Bead


Brent Graber Tube Beads

Brent Graber Hearts


Brent Graber Pendants



This photo taken by Joan Hougton-Theall is of Brent Graber's Sat-Sun class.  Brent is peeking out behind Karen BarefieldCarl Andrews was the TA for the class.  Also in the class were Lillie Bavendam, Brian Renoud and Julia Benson-Slaughter


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