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At our April Meeting, Julie Ferguson discussed the two types of silver glass (Reactive and Reducing) and showed us how to make her Googly-Eyed Bird bead .  Fred Fuerst took the photos of Julie shown below and you can see the finished bead towards the bottom of the page.  It was photographed by the Web Mama when it came out of the kiln on Sunday morning.

Julie Ferguson



Julie starts the demo.



She makes the base bead out of ivory glass.


It is shaped into a cone and then flattened.  Note that Julie coats the mandrel with sufficient release so that she can work in the center of the mandrel and use either hand to hold it.


Julie applies the murrini that she cut from a cane made using Iris Orange (Raku) - a reactive glass.


Julie flashes the bead through the flame to bring out the colors in the murrini



On one side of the bead is the head of the  Googly-eyed bird.  The head is made from a reducing glass which has shaded the ivory glass when the bead is in a wafted in and out of a reducing flame.


On the other side of the bead, Julie has created the entire bird. The body is made from the same reducing glass as the head.  And you can see the murrini that Julie applied to make the wing. 



Some more Googlie Eye Bird beads made with different types of silver glass. that Julie brought brought with her to show us.


There are always lots of questions about silver glass and Julie answers them all.


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