2009 -  AUGUST

PHOTOS FROM THE GATHERING ... from Fred and Martha Fuerst


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Fred and Martha Fuerst also sent photos from the Gathering to share along with accurate captions.  Thank you!!


1.  The ALL Member Show theme this  year was "Under the Sea".  All of the donated beads were arranged in a glass Aquarium and after the conference was over, the display was donated to a Children's Hospital in Miami.  If you donated a bead to this project, send the Web Mama a note describing it so we can identify it in the photograph.


2. Nita Van Til, Margo Knight, Beth Ederington, Karla Klein, Beth's Mom, Marjorie Langdon and Martha Fuerst on their way to dinner.  Fred must be taking the photo.



3. This is one of the necklaces displayed as part of the Convergence exhibit.  We don't know who the beader was, but the amazing glass birds were made by Kim Field. 


4. At the Sunday Night Closing Party, the main activity is swapping beads - no selling is allowed.  Here Margo Knight (left) swaps with Beth Ederington who lives in Florida. 

11. Martha writes about this photo: "Wonderful beadmakers Rebekah Higgins and Jeri Warhaftig, and it looks like Jeri's husband Neil ("Dr Fab") who makes those great lucite bead stands. It was at the last night's Bead Swap." Martha Fuerst is on the right.   Martha got some great beads by trading and then Fred went out with Martha's beads and charmed even more beadmakers into trading their best beads.  Way to go, Dr. Fred.



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