2009 -  AUGUST

PHOTOS FROM THE GATHERING ... from Joan Houghton Theall


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The 2009 ISGB Gathering in Miami was a blast.  Joan Houghton-Theall sent photos to share.  The Web Mama will identify those she can and asks you to identify the others.   Just e-mail  the # and the description.


1.  Gorgeous Luscious Beads made by Harold W Cooney


2. Coral Reef Project.

Pieces were contributed and the display put together in honor of Shannon Hill, a well known teacher and flameworker who recently passed away from cancer.

3. Bead Bazaar - Kristina Logan


4. Bead Bazaar - Barbara Simon

5. Bead Bazaar - Sylvie Lansdowne

6. Gerry White and Stephanie White

7. Maureen Lovell, Suzanne Patterson, Joan Houghton-Theall

8. Joan Houghton-Theall, Sylvie Lansdowne, Maureen Lovell, Suzanne Patterson

9. Barbara Becker Simon's class on PMC armatures for Glass Beads

10. Marcy Lamberson Pre Conference Class on Sculptural Glass Beads

11. Silent Auction Beads

12. Silent Auction Beads

13. Draw Bridge outside of Hyatt


14. Web Mama's Yacht :)


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