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Marcy Lamberson taught two classes - one on Thursday/Friday and the other over the weekend (Saturday/Sunday)  The Web Mama was in the weekend class so there are some photos of that but the bead photos are from both groups.   If you want to identify the creator of a bead, please send the web mama and email and she will update the page with the artist's name.   

First, here are some of Marcy's beads that she brought to show us.  Marcy sells most of her beads through her Etsy Shop which is really a fun place to visit.  She also does a lot of custom work - she is one of the few artists making beads who can meet almost any challenge. 


The beads show below were made by Marcy during class demos. 

Bluebird by Marcy


 Cactus by Marcy

Self Portrait by Marcy


Shellby Marcy



In addition to these demo beads  Marcy also demo'd a Laurel Burch-like cat, a bead stand, a peapod, a frog and more!


Viking by Marcy


In this photo Marcy is describing how to look at an object and analyze how best to make it into a bead.  During the last afternoon of class we each were able to pick a 3-D or 2-D item and take a shot at it in glass.

Robin, Gerry and Diane working hard

Kevin doing his self portrait.


Teaching assistant Becky with Kevin checking the tanks.   On the right Marcy is being recorded by a digital video camera.


Marcy and Sat Sun class members - Donna, Julia, Becky and Lea looking at the beads just out of the kiln.


The rest of the beads shown below were made by class members.  Please if you can identify the artist, email the Web Mama. so we can add their name to the photo of their beads.

Made by ?


Made by ?


Made By ?


Made by?


Self Portrait Face Beads

If you take a class with Marcy, you will be given access to read her class blog which has all the notes and all the demo beads on it with much better photos than are shown here. 

If you haven't taken a Marcy Lamberson class then you MUST check out her regular Studio Marcy Blog.   It is updated every day and has an amazing collection of tips, tutorials, links and general information about tools, business, contests, etc.   Click here to check it out.


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